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About us

Gneiss is a network of companies working together to build into existing communities additional support, and bring an alternative outlook to society through construction development.

​People come to our network for a variety of reasons: to gain and share ideas, to pause and reflect, to make new connections and meet people from different sectors, and to work with others to bridge the diversity divide.

We welcome women-led, minority ethnic group (MEG)-led businesses and anyone who support the movement on board with our thinking, people at the front line of practice. These could be leaders from across the public and private spheres.
We mainly operate in the UK, but we also include allies from elsewhere.

We use Research as a Strategy for Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Change within the Construction Industry
Supply Chain.  

Through extensive research, we have developed a manifesto for long-term growth. It unpacks and decodes the key behaviours that have driven success for businesses taking lead to ensure EDI is implemented in every aspect of their supply chain.



Why Choose us


We Want to see

We cannot go on as we are

Our society, our communities, our services, and our institutions are just not working well enough for everyone in this country. But if we change the way we work, we can build a diverse and inclusive society where everyone can enjoy a good life.  

We know from the profound experience of people across our network that things could be different and, together, we have distilled these principles for what needs to change and a model for how to get there.


Our primary role is to create solutions within the built environment that bridge the opportunity gap for women and ethnic minorities groups.

Gneiss's objective is to create a supportive culture through our core principles, each is important, but they’re best applied together to bring about a fairer and more inclusive society. It also allows taking advantage of shared experience and common aspirations.


Sharing And Building Power:

Because power is held in too few hands, and we all have more power than we think to change things for the better.


Putting Relationship First in the Supply Chain:

As a society and in our services and organisations, people cannot thrive without good relationships.


Listening To Each Other:

Particularly those least heard because that is the only way to find out what's not working and discover what will.


Joining Force:

Because most problems are too complex to solve alone.

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