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Welcome to
The Gneiss Way

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collaborative environment and enabling a sustainable built environment which includes Women and ethnic minority-led enterprise.

To deliver our vision we have eight guiding principles to support our decision-making and a set of values which runs throughout our teams and leadership groups.

Crane Construction

Our Values

We are collaborative,  progressive, inspirational and inclusive.

  • Collaborative because we share knowledge and resources.

  • Progressive because we deliver measurable impact through dynamic leadership.

  • Inspirational because we inspire our members and partners to drive positive change.

  • Inclusive because we exemplify respect for the planet, our colleagues and wider society.

  • We also strive to lead by example with our SDGs Goals and Strategy. 

Image by Nina Strehl
Meeting Room

Responsible Research


Responsible Business

Construction site

Responsible Projects

Construction Workers

Responsible value chain

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